The promises and challenges of the knowledge-based society and an innovation-driven economy arise before us at a staggering rate and we are urgently called to respond.

The presence of women in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the techno–scientific fields, in the business and the productive sectors and in the innovative economy, is far from the goals we would wish for. An age-old social injustice against women is perpetuated depriving valuable female talent from society and the labour market.

The General Secretariat for Gender Equality believe that information and communication technologies is a career choice leading to a real breakthrough for women, a growth engine that may reduce economic and social inequality and allow women to play a key role in the development effort of Greece and Europe.

Our initiative to embark on this broad digital alliance "Women and Girls Go Digital" gives us the opportunity for concerted action in many critical areas: in career orientation for women in ICT and the digital economy, to raise awareness of public and private stakeholders in order to consciously offer women career opportunities in ICT fields. We will support women to claim positions of responsibility in the areas of knowledge, economy and innovation.

At the same time, we wish to make use of creative and visible ways to increase the attractiveness of ICT for girls at school and later at the university. We hope to project more positive female role models in STEM, in digital technologies and entrepreneurship.

Creating a world that "fits" men and women is not enough. We wish that women contribute with their ideas and their potential and work together with men to create a future worthy of today but mainly of tomorrow, for our children.

Vasso Kollia
Secretary General
Hellenic Republic Ministry of Interior

The European Commission warmly welcomes the creation of a national platform and action-plan in Greece for promoting more girls and women in STEM and in digital jobs. Digital technology is no longer just for the geeky few: it is for the masses! And it is our future. We have to work together to get every European digital. I didn't used to believe in role models, but now I see how positive they can be. We need more digital female role models!

Given our demographic development and the increasing unfilled demand for ICT practitioners, getting more girls into STEM is critical. Today 9 billion per year! For this, businesses, government, academia and educators have to work together across disciplines.

I'm very pleased to see this happening in Greece: the buzzing start-up tech scene in Athens shows that Greece can be a European digital leader.

I wish you all the best for this fascinating conference.

Neelie Kroes
Vice President of the European Commission
Responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe

e-skills = Girls Digital Future!
Functioning as a single point of contact and a leading European multi-stakeholder network for the women in ICT/STEM agenda in Europe, the European Centre for Women and Technology is pleased to partner with the General Secretariat for Gender Equality and Greek key actors for awareness raising, sharing of European best practices of STEM education, assisting e-skills development and e-leadership training, supporting the female talent in research and innovation, providing 'Knowledge shots for women in ICT' businesses and facilitating the compliance of young female entrepreneurs in culture and creative industries, energy, nutrition, robotics and media.

ECWT is committed to deliver an added value in terms of knowledge, network and the measurement of the impact of the action-plan being launched during the conference.

Eva Fabry
Director, European Centre for Women and Technology
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